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Epson Offers Five Ways to Reinvigorate Your Small Business
Posted on Tuesday, February 24, 2015

LONG BEACH, Calif. – Feb. 24, 2015 – In a noisy world, small business owners are constantly challenged to stand out from competitors, attract and maintain customers and ensure employee satisfaction.  In order to energize the business and stay top-of-mind, owners can take a close look at operations, such as examining the technology tools to ensure a streamlined and efficient approach, or even breathing new life into the company’s brand image.

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As a leading provider of high-performance business and imaging solutions, Epson’s expertise is built on delivering products and technologies that propel businesses forward.  And, with the help of customers and partners, Epson provides specific insight into what SMBs need to thrive. Here are five ways SMBs can reinvigorate their businesses:

  1. Re-evaluate Your Space: Whether a simple, cost-effective décor update or a more robust renovation, SMBs can embark on an office makeover as a way to keep both customers and employees engaged. The first step is to come up with a design plan: research and compile images of other office spaces, décor ideas and furniture for inspiration. Designer Emily Henderson of HGTV recommends printing color photos and laying them out to see the entire picture before making decisions. Epson’s line of business printers for home and small offices deliver high quality colorful documents and images at a more cost effective price than going to a print shop.

    Take a look at how Emily put together a design plan in one day:
  2. Engage Remote Employees or Customers: In today’s workplace – and with today’s technology – a phone call is not necessarily the most effective means of communication. Foster employee or customer interaction with video conferencing and digital tools for increased collaboration. Epson’s BrightLink Pro 1430Wi reinvents the whiteboard for a digital, interactive experience allowing users to collaborate in real time, in-person and remotely. Effective and cutting-edge collaboration tools provide an added dimension to employee and customer relationships.
  3. Update Technology: Outdated technology can slow a business down and make employees less productive. Consider ways to incorporate new technologies that will help change office processes for increased efficiency. For example, implement a high-speed document scanner to create digital files for ease-of-use and to free up office space.
  4. Upgrade Marketing Materials: Without abandoning your brand and logo, think of ways to incorporate new content and design into your outbound marketing materials. Whether adding more color, flipping a design on its side, such as vertical versus horizontal business cards, or new templates for presentations and flyers, a fresh, new look can go a long way in communicating a renewed energy for any business.

“When color is represented correctly it makes our designs pop off the page and we look better to everyone around us,” said Emily Henderson, HGTV host and designer. “Color and quality printing is important not just for our clients’ presentations, but also for our own design morale.”

To learn more about Emily, her design process and inspirations visit the Blueprints Blog on the Epson Community.  

  1. Listen to Your Employees: No matter how large or small the business, proprietors have access to a wealth of information and ideas at their fingertips: employees. Schedule an unconventional brainstorm session with employees using an interactive projector to capture, save and share ideas. Involving employees in the decision making process will not only make them feel valued but add the potential for new ideas that may not have otherwise been in play.

“Though it may seem daunting, it is imperative for proprietors to examine their business at a higher level to ensure they are doing right by their customers, employees and ultimately themselves,” said Rodrigo Catalan, senior product manager, Business Ink Jets, Epson America. “Looking beyond ongoing tasks as well as productivity and profit drivers is key to ensuring overall success in the long run.”