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NTI Introduces a Low-Cost Environment Monitoring System that Supports up to 24 Temperature Sensors
Posted on Monday, May 2, 2016
NTI Introduces a Low-Cost Environment Monitoring System that Supports up to 24 Temperature Sensors

Aurora, OH: Network Technologies Inc  (NTI) introduces the ENVIROMUX┬« Environment Monitoring System with 1-Wire Sensor Interface to its popular line of environment monitoring products.

The ENVIROMUX® Environment Monitoring System with 1-Wire Sensor Interface monitors critical environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, liquid water presence, power, intrusion, and smoke. When a sensor goes out of range of a configurable threshold, the system will send notifications via email, web page, network management (SNMP), and/or SMS messages (via external USB 3G modem).

The ENVIROMUX-1W functions independently or as an IP-connected remote sensor for the ENVIROMUX-2D/5D/16D Enterprise Environment Monitoring Systems. The system features two digital inputs sensitive to contact closure and two RJ11 6P4C connectors for daisy-chaining 1-wire temperature/humidity/dew point, thermocouple, or digital input expanders in any combination.  Up to 24 temperature, thermocouple, or any single reading 1-wire sensor can be connected between both RJ11 connectors. The maximum cable length supported on each RJ11 connector is up to 600 ft (183 m) depending on the configuration and maximum number of connected sensors. It is also available with optional Power over Ethernet (PoE).

The ENVIROMUX unit monitors (pings) up to four IP network devices, and supports four IP network video cameras for live views of any facility. Multiple alerts can be created for any installed sensor, and alerts can be used in combination with each other to trigger one Smart Alert. Dual redundant power supplies enable connection to two separate power sources. This environment monitoring system is ideal for a wide range of applications including IT infrastructure monitoring, cold storage/freezer monitoring, or any unmanned area that needs to be monitored.

Date: Mar 7, 2018