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Revolutionize USB 2.0: Extending Distances up to 100 Meters
Posted on Monday, October 16, 2023
Revolutionize USB 2.0: Extending Distances up to 100 Meters

Oct. 16, 2023 - Discover a game-changing USB 2.0 extender – connecting devices and hosts up to 100 meters apart, all while keeping things cost-effective and hassle-free now available at Lightware.

In many scenarios, USB 2.0 devices and hosts are often separated by distances exceeding 5 meters, rendering the use of direct USB cables unreliable. With the help of this device side extender USB 2.0 extension solutions can be built that make use of CAT5e/6/7 cables up to 100 meters. Both LAN and direct cable infrastructures are supported.

Another challenging situation where these extenders can be of help is when USB 2.0 devices from multiple locations need to be connected to a single host at the same time. Using a LAN infrastructure, up to 7 of these device side extenders can be paired to a compatible host side extender.

A USB device may be used by a host at a given point of time and another host may want to use the same USB device somewhat later. The device side extender in question fulfils this requirement by offering compatibility with any corresponding host side extender present on the same LAN.

This product focuses solely on USB 2.0 extension and therefore it is a cost-effective product in its category.

  • USB20-1GBE-DS4
  • USB20-1GBE-HS10