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Lectrum Aero shipped to Fiji in record time for Pacific Islands Forum meeting
Posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2022
Lectrum Aero shipped to Fiji in record time for Pacific Islands Forum meeting

July 26, 2022 - Pacific Island leaders gathered in Fiji’s capital Suva for their first face-to-face meeting in almost three years. The Pacific has regularly made international headlines over the last few months as strategic competition in the region rapidly heats up.

With unprecedented global attention on the forum, there was only one choice for lecterns at the event, Lectrum Aero.

A feature of the Lectrum Aero is the prominent logo area which enables a venue to integrate their brand on the lectern, and take advantage of world wide media coverage.

The Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva, was hosting the forum and placed an order for two new Lectrum Aero lecterns specifically for the event.

A few days after receiving the Lectern order, an urgent call was received at Wilson & Gilkes. The hotel production team was seeking assistance to expedite the consignment. In order for the lecterns to land in Fiji for the forum, the Lectrum lecterns would need to fly out that very same day.

These client branded lecterns normally have a three week lead time, but as luck would have it Wilson & Gilkes happened to be in the midst of a production run of that exact model.

Susan and Michelle at Wilson & Gilkes recognised the importance of the event to for the Grand Pacific Hotel. They personally managed the rapid completion of the two urgent lecterns.

This meant that Lectrum was able to advance the order by two weeks to race the lecterns through with enough time to make the weekend flight out.

The Grand Pacific Hotel logo was custom made and factory fitted to Lectrum Aero’s.

The Lectrum Aero Series lecterns have won both the Australian Design Award and the Prince Phillip Award for Communication. Manufactured to the highest standards by Australian company Wilson & Gilkes, the Lectrum Aero can be customised to fit perfectly into any venue. The timeless design and sterling quality make the Lectrum Aero the lectern of choice for hotels, conference centres and corporations.

Lectrum is designed, manufactured, assembled and packed by Wilson & Gilkes.

No supply chain delays.