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Four Ways To Get Better Projection Performance
Posted on Thursday, August 31, 2023
Four Ways To Get Better Projection Performance

Aug. 31, 2023 - The days of installing the same white projection screen in every room and environment are becoming a distant memory. There are now projection screen surfaces that are designed to work in many different environments. While to some this may make adding projection to a project can seem a bit more daunting, Draper helps make it simpler.

Here are four ways Draper can help make it easier for you to achieve better projection performance.

Use the Draper Projection Planner.

Projection Planner 2.0 is like having a professional projection expert at the tips of your fingers. Admittedly, using the planner does require a bit of legwork for the best results. But if you can gather some vital information, such as Distance to farthest viewer, image details, ambient light measurements in the room, and projector specifications, the planner will calculate the performance of Draper screen surfaces and point out the best ones for your project. Click here to give it a try.

Take our AVIXA-certified class for CTS credit.

Our subject matter experts put their heads together and developed an easy-to-understand but comprehensive educational course called “Projection Performance Basics.” This class covers topics including:

  • Image Size and Aspect Ratio
  • Image Height AFF, Obstructions, etc.
  • Seating
  • Throw Distance
  • Lighting
  • Surface Selection
  • Calculating for System Brightness & Contrast

If you hold a CTS certification form AVIXA, this class is good for 1.25 Renewal Units.

Contact your Draper representative (see link below) and see about upcoming in-person and virtual classes.

Use our exclusive premium TecVision® projection surfaces.

Different spaces pose different problems for successful projection. Room layout, ambient light, projector location and brightness, and other factors impact the image on the screen. But once you’ve considered all of those factors you still need to find the screen that fits the job.

Our TecVision line of premium viewing surfaces includes 11 formulations developed to deal with specific projection environments. We created the formulations and manufacture the surfaces in our Spiceland, Indiana, manufacturing center. Every TecVision batch is tested, and a piece of the material and its test results are kept on file to ensure uniformity across lots as well as across individual screens. All TecVision surfaces are ISF-certified for color accuracy, 8K-ready, and available in acoustically transparent nanoperf versions.

Learn more about TecVision here.

Call your Draper representative.

Even though we try to make it as easy as possible to specify projection by offering the above-mentioned tools, sometimes you still just need to talk to someone. We have local sales and technical support on hand during business hours to answer your questions and help you find what you need. You’ll find the Draper representative for your area here.