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Custom Color: Infinite Shades On Shades
Posted on Wednesday, July 19, 2023
Custom Color: Infinite Shades On Shades

July 19, 2023 - What if someone told you anything is possible – you can have whatever you want? Would you believe them? Here’s something you can believe: You can order window shades from us in any custom color you want!

You probably have questions …

You don’t mean literally ANY color, do you?

Yes, that is exactly what we mean. We can provide your shades in infinite shades of color.

How do I tell you what color I want?

There are several ways. You can give us a color number from one of several paint manufacturers, or from Pantone. You can also send us a sample – a piece of fabric, a paint chip, or something else. Our certified technicians will color match it in our onsite custom color facility.

Can I send you a picture of the color I want?

Because of the differences in how color looks on different screens, sending a snapshot of a wall or fabric item you like probably isn’t a good idea for exactly matching colors.

This will probably take a lot longer, won’t it?

Nope! Every window shade we make is already a custom item made specifically for your window. Creating a custom fabric color only adds a few days to the process.

I don’t need just a custom color – can you add logos and graphics?

Yes, we are daily producing shades with photos, logos, and the other hi resolution graphics submitted to us by customers.

How do I know you can match the color I want?

Our Certified Digital Color Professionals have been trained by the Printing United Alliance, an industry trade organization. Their certification means they are experts at producing consistent and accurate color. We also utilize color reference guides and high-tech equipment to ensure every custom color shade panel is just what you want.

OK, you’ve convinced me. How do I get more information on ordering?

That one is easy. Click here to contact your Draper representative.