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Explore Together - Develop Together
Posted on Tuesday, May 31, 2022
Explore Together - Develop Together

May 31, 2022 - On 26th  May 2022, Absen held the virtual production forum in Thunder Studios (Long Beach, California, USA), discussing challenge and innovations with many industry experts about the emerging virtual production market, gathering over 200 filmmakers, cinematographers, producers and partners from more than 128 companies globally. Influential presenters of content creation, media players, productions, LED and LED processing, lighting, cinema camera system and more shared their unique views from all aspects.

Brian Macauto, Director of Virtual Production of Absen kicked off the forum describing emerging virtual production market and increasingly important role technology is playing in film studios and TV programs, from which the technology of software and hardware is also constantly innovating.

"Virtual production is a brave new world for creatives." said Chris McKenna, Director and Partner for Final Pixel. He demystified the virtual production technology from the viewpoint of a director. Aaron Daly, Virtual Production Technical Director for FuseFX, also made a speech talking the democratizing possibilities of virtual production, make it available to everyone and how tools to make it happen. Mathew Leland, Director of Virtual Production for 4Wall, shared his goals and prospects for the future of virtual production and gave workflow putting it all together as a production company

Other featured speakers included Sinan AlRubay, Chief Experience Officer for ICVR; Jung-Jin Ahn, Business Development Manager, Solutions Group for ARRI; Sean Sheridan, Regional Technical Manager (Americas) for Brompton; and Addy Ghani, VP, Virtual Production for Disguise. Each speaker gave insight into how top-level technology and tools have helped shape this industry, and discussed their roles in virtual production and XR Stages. Topics related to traditional tools in virtual production environments, tools by creators for creators, total control of LED for ICFX, and how to simplify complexity on set are all comprehensively presented.

Brian Macauto, in turn, gave a speech on Absen virtual production LED solutions, featuring perfect in-camera performance with perfect color re-present, wide color gamut, pure color output, low reflection and moiré, high refresh rate, extraordinary contrast, high brightness, etc. He concluded, Absen is always and will continue develop technology and features to maximize our LED's performance for virtual production and on-camera performance, to create new value together, develop together.