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Custom Motocross Gear Company Creates High-Impact Dealer Sales Kit with ViewSonic ePoster Interactive Kiosk

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Custom Motocross Gear Company Creates High-Impact Dealer Sales Kit with ViewSonic ePoster Interactive Kiosk
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Custom Motocross Gear Company Creates High-Impact Dealer Sales Kit with ViewSonic ePoster Interactive Kiosk
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Founded in 2015 by former professional supercross racer Michael Leib, Canvas MX is a motocross gear manufacturer that specializes in completely customizable kits and other apparel. The ?rst MX gear company to offer the clean look of blank black and white gear, Canvas MX evolved into its current bespoke design focus, offering a wide range of customization lines through its 3D design portal at


Create a dealer sales package that included an interactive kiosk for in-store ordering of customized motocross apparel

After leaving the racing circuit in 2020, pro rider Michael Leib had more time to focus on his business enterprise, Canvas MX, which offers customizable motocross apparel though its 3D website portal. The company ?lls a unique niche in a business where fans, riders and dealers looking for custom apparel typically wait 18 months for customized apparel shipped from overseas – or settle for off-the-shelf designs.

Until recently, the company’s sole operational focus was on internet sales. By producing its product in the US, Canvas MX was able to deliver items quickly, within three to four weeks. The 3D portal was well-designed and easy to use. With these pieces in place, Leib was ready to expand on the concept.

“We knew that to scale the business we needed a way to take it into the dealerships,” said Leib. “We have an outstanding website customization and ordering interface, so we knew that what we needed was a way to take that interface directly to the dealers.”

In fact, Leib had already discovered the ideal solution during the early days of the business, while Leib was still spending most of his time involved in racing.

“I connected with Mad Moose Media, an on-site event photography company, at a race. They were using ViewSonic kiosks to display photos of race participants,” said Leib. “Riders and fans could scroll through images and order directly from the kiosk. I immediately realized that this was the platform we needed to use when we were ready to move forward with the dealership model.”


ViewSonic EP5542T 55-inch Multi-touch Digital ePoster

The slim, freestanding kiosk Leib saw at the photo display was a ViewSonic® EP5542T 55-inch Multi-touch Digital ePoster. He tried one out at a tradeshow, which con?rmed his initial reaction to the display.

“It was exactly what we wanted as the centerpiece of our dealer package,” he said. “It’s tall, great-looking, and attention-grabbing, and it was easy to run our website and offer customization right there on demand.”

With this vision in mind, Leib ramped up the company’s manufacturing capabilities in the US. When he was satis? ed that he could meet dealer demand, he created the Canvas MX Dealer Kit, which includes a 55-inch ViewSonic ePoster kiosk, a mannequin, and 50 sets of dealer-speci?c
gear ?t kits.


The large, vibrant kiosk delivers an eye-catching showcase for dealers

Customers can easily create and order custom apparel using the smooth touchscreen interface

The Canvas MX Dealer Kit enables motorcycle dealers to easily offer custom gear and apparel in a way that conserves ?oor space and cash ?ow. Importantly, it also enables dealers to incorporate their own brand on the gear.

“It’s everything we need to deliver for our dealer partners,” said Leib. “This package lets them offer their own branded apparel without taking up tons of ?oor space, or tying up cash ?ow while waiting months and months for delivery of the product.”

Offered for a set base price, with no ongoing costs, the Canvas MX Dealer Kit revolutionizes the way gear is purchased in store, said Leib.

“Now customers can order custom motocross gear directly from their dealership,” he said. “Our Fit Kit is really cool because it allows people to touch and feel and try on the products as they’re designing their own custom gear on our ViewSonic kiosk.”

In an industry where motorcycle dealers that want to carry apparel typically must commit to buying upwards of 100,000 pieces then wait many months for delivery, this model is indeed ground breaking. The ViewSonic kiosk, said Leib, was central to making it happen.

“It showcases our 3D design portal beautifully, and I love how you just can’t miss the ViewSonic kiosk in a store,” said Leib. “It’s big, clean, modern and high-quality – a perfect partner for displaying our modern, high-quality product.”

Among the excellent features, he added, are the vibrant colors, crisp graphics, and smooth touchscreen response.

“The ViewSonic kiosk enabled us to provide dealers with an amazing display,” said Leib. “It has enabled us expand into new markets and to do it in a way that fully meets dealer needs for a great-looking showcase.”