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Good Taste Meets Good Sound

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Good Taste Meets Good Sound
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Yamaha's ADECIA audio solution provides optimal sound for conferences and product presentations in LGV Sonnengemüse's multifunctional room with integrated show kitchen.

With the professional ADECIA Audio ceiling microphone solution from Yamaha, the experts at AV system integrator Klangfarbe succeeded in optimally equipping a very special meeting room for LGV Sonnengemüse.

Cooking and conferencing in the variable multifunctional

The LGV Sonnengemüse is a vegetable producers' cooperative in Austria that is committed to good taste. The association of 150 gardeners and farmers produces the best local vegetables in family-run farms and also gives tips on how to prepare them properly. At the LGV headquarters in Simmering, they wanted to optimise the sound quality for conferences in a very special multifunctional room. This room functions both as a meeting space and as a show kitchen to present the preparation of vegetables via video conference.

This multiple use of the room presented the people in charge with problems, especially acoustically. A new audio solution was to be installed that would enable both recordings in the show kitchen and meetings with remote participants. In addition to good speech intelligibility in both usage scenarios, the most important requirements included the reliable suppression of background noise caused by the oven or cooker, for example.

Those responsible at LGV Sonnengemüse searched for suitable solutions together with the audio experts from the Klangfarbe system house and decided to install a ceiling microphone. The choice then fell on the powerful, professional all-in-one ADECIA ceiling microphone solution from Yamaha.

Easy to install

With the ADECIA ceiling microphone solution, speakers can be easily recorded in natural sound during meetings as well as during demonstrations in the kitchen, and also always remain clearly intelligible to the receiving party - regardless of where they are located. In addition, the line array speakers reproduce the speech of the remote side in best quality and volume. The ceiling microphone remains visually discreet. The white speakers, which are powered by PoE, blend in perfectly with the room environment. With the ceiling microphone, all participants in the room can be recorded, as it completely covers the meeting room and the show kitchen. ADECIA's automatic sound optimisation and convenient calibration procedure also made commissioning particularly easy. They enable an optimal sound even without structural changes, for example by additional sound elements. The easy set-up and calibration of the system makes it possible to make major changes to the room's décor and still get the best audio quality without being a sound expert.

Simply flexible, simply good - Yamaha ADECIA

The Klangfarbe company is considered the first address when it comes to planning, installation, training and maintenance of media and event installations. Equipping a meeting room with modern conference technology and optimally adapting it to the needs of the customer is part of the daily business for these experts. Therefore, in addition to the high reliability and excellent speech intelligibility of the chosen solution, the simplicity of set-up and operation as well as the support were as well important. That's why the professionals at Klangfarbe opted for ADECIA from Yamaha.

A combination of an RM-CR remote conference processor, Yamaha VXL1W16P DANTE PoE line array loudspeakers, a Yamaha SWR2311P10G L2 network switch and the Yamaha RM-CG ceiling array microphone are used. Together they form the ADECIA ceiling solution.

The latter was chosen for its ease of cabling and good coverage of the entire room to meet the client's high demands for maximum flexibility. The ceiling microphone solution is ideal above all because it optimally recognises and picks up the voices of the participants, no matter how busy the room is. In the conference room, meetings and discussions can be held at two different positions - and in meetings with many participants, the entire room can be covered.

Speech intelligibility that makes life easier

"For us, support is very important and Yamaha is very well positioned in this respect. The fact that the installed products fulfil its purpose without any problems is also a very important point for us," says project manager Martin Plötzeneder from Klangfarbe. The company has been using Yamaha products for a long time in various installations, which is why they are convinced of the longevity of solutions such as ADECIA, explains the expert.

LGV board member Josef Peck is highly satisfied with the implementation: "Yamaha's solution allows many meetings to be conducted professionally online. This saves us time and reduces the number of trips. The installation and planning were flawless."

One room for all needs

Meanwhile, the LGV Sonnengemüse is pleased to have a culinary meeting space that probably does not exist a second time. For example, it is possible to hold a meeting with six participants in one half of the room, whose voices are automatically recognised and clearly transmitted to the remote station. Similarly, a recording or a video conference can be held in the show kitchen, or both together. Yamaha's ADECIA ensures consistently high speech intelligibility, great far-end sound and all systems are optimally networked - no matter how many participants are on site or whether the cooking staff is moving around the room. Another great advantage of the Yamaha ceiling microphone is that the integrated technology performs echo cancellation, dereverberation and noise reduction. This means that disturbing background noise is not transmitted at all and the other party receives only the speech in the best quality.