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Jabra and Hypersign Partner to Deliver the Ultimate Presentation, Event Hosting and Collaboration Platform

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Jabra and Hypersign Partner to Deliver the Ultimate Presentation, Event Hosting and Collaboration Platform
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Jabra and Hypersign Partner to Deliver the Ultimate Presentation, Event Hosting and Collaboration Platform


Jabra partnered with Hypersign to help transform the remote presentation and event hosting environment, giving presenters as well as physical and remote participants an interactive, professional interface with industry-leading video and audio capabilities. 


Jabra Evolve2 85:

  • Digital hybrid active noise cancellation 
  • 10-microphone technology 
  • Up to 37 hours of battery life 

Jabra Evolve2 40:

  • Passive noise cancellation 
  • 3-microphone technology 
  • 40mm speakers

Jabra PanaCast:

  • Crystal-clear Panoramic-4K resolution 
  • 180° view of any meeting, event or classroom space
  • Easy, plug-and-play functionality


  • Fast and seamless set up
  • Delivers engaging virtual experience for presenters and audience – no matter where attendees are located
  • Unparalleled sound and video quality

Virtual Life Is Here to Stay 

The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses in all industries, across  all countries to shift their operations on a dime and learn to run  remotely. From large enterprises and mom-and-pop shops to  schools and even the entertainment industry, business leaders  across-the-board faced new challenges as they worked to adapt  their business to a remote environment and resolve newfound  obstacles to collaboration.

It wasn’t just offices and schools that closed their doors, from gym closures to concert and sporting event cancellations, life as we know it was turned upside down. Events were transformed to take place in people’s living rooms—Eventbrite alone hosted over 1 million virtual events with more that 75 million virtual attendees in 2020, 34 times more than before the start of the pandemic.

Notably, the new virtual and remote world is likely here to stay. According to a recent survey, one in three professionals working from home due to the pandemic would look for a new job if required to be in the office full time. Likewise, virtual functions, concerts and sporting events are unlikely to disappear anytime soon either. Without the technology we have today, the transition to virtual life would not have been possible, but the reason hybrid life will live on comes down to the continued development of innovative solutions and partnerships that are advancing new ways of virtual working, learning and presenting.

Remote Reimagined — Flexible Solutions for Presentation and Easy Communication

Hypersign, a leader in visual communication technology, specializes in innovative software solutions for remotely managing everything from digital content and messaging to showcasing professional presentations to remote audiences. In March 2020, as lockdowns began globally, Hypersign fast-tracked the development of an innovative solution to broadcast live presentations to audiences, employees and students, leading to the creation of the Arena and the Arena Mini.

The Arena, a solution at the intersection of video conferencing and broadcasting, revolutionizes the remote and hybrid presentation experience, allowing for superior presenter to audience engagement, digital whiteboard and touch interactions,  and crucially, broadcast quality cameras and professional audio solutions. Like the Arena, the Arena Mini is designed to increase engagement in remote and hybrid environments, but on a smaller, more personal level, like the classroom—providing teachers and students with a solution for one-on-one focus and collaboration.

In development, Hypersign recognized the importance of securing top-of-the-line video and audio capabilities for the Arena and Arena  Mini solutions, ultimately leading to their partnership with Jabra and the integration of the Jabra PanaCast video and Jabra Evolve2  headset solutions.

Jabra and Hypersign in Action

The Jabra PanaCast camera enables a complete 180-degree view of the entire meeting room, event space or classroom, providing  the room context and atmosphere needed for an engaging hybrid experience. With unparalleled video quality and Intelligent Zoom feature, where the camera automatically zooms to the individual speaking, both remote and in-person attendees are focused and distraction-free.

The Jabra Evolve2 headset series, including the Evolve2 85 and Evolve2 40, provides participants with superior sound quality  and noise-cancellation, eliminating any distracting background noise and giving them the tools they need to fully engage in the virtual presentation, lesson or event unfolding before them. With a lightweight build and cushioned ear cups, the Evolve2 range is designed for maximum comfort and can be worn for hours on end. Whether participants are listening and engaging through Jabra headphones, the presenter is live streaming through a PanaCast camera, or both, Jabra video and audio solutions integrate seamlessly with the Hypersign platform to deliver a completely unique presentation, event hosting and collaboration experience for enterprises, schools, events and more.

Whether participants are listening and engaging through Jabra  headphones, the presenter is live streaming through a PanaCast  camera, or both, Jabra video and audio solutions integrate  seamlessly with the Hypersign platform to deliver a completely  unique presentation, event hosting and collaboration experience for  enterprises, schools, events and more.

Enhancing the At-Home Experience for Schools and Beyond

It has been an unprecedented time for all industries, but especially educators who are facing unique challenges as they work to engage with students for long periods of time and students are tasked with staying focused in a remote, or hybrid, environment. With growing  concerns of student regression in virtual learning, the Arena Mini combined with Jabra video and audio solutions is here to help students retain not only their academic skills, but also the social and emotional learning that comes with school.

Additionally, beyond the classroom, Hypersign and Jabra are ready and able to provide their bespoke, virtual collaboration platform  wherever it’s needed. From yoga studios teaching at-home classes to healthcare organizations broadcasting from the lab, the high levels of interaction presenters get from the Arena Mini and Jabra are unrivaled.