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Cineom Delivers Custom Real-Time Virtual Production Solutions Powered by AJA Corvid I/O Cards

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Cineom Delivers Custom Real-Time Virtual Production Solutions  Powered by AJA Corvid I/O Cards
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Cineom Delivers Custom Real-Time Virtual Production Solutions  Powered by AJA Corvid I/O Cards

As India’s leading media solutions company and systems integrator, Cineom has provided its expertise to the M&E industry for more than 20 years. With a team of technology evangelists that design innovative end-to-end solutions for live broadcast and post production, the company delivers complete setups for a range of clients across traditional and emerging markets. Striving to stay steps ahead of the latest technology trends, Cineom most recently added real-time virtual production to its suite of offerings, building turkey solutions for clients using Zero Density’s Reality Engine, Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards, and AJA Corvid video I/O cards, as well as additional software layers, cameras, and tracking devices tailored for each client’s production. 

“We pride ourselves on delivering innovative technology solutions for companies in India and the Middle East, and anticipating the potential of real-time virtual production, we began our R&D around the technology nearly two years ago,” said Priyan Parab, Assistant Manager, Business Development, Cineom. “We quickly realized that while virtual production is built on four core pillars – hardware, software, graphics and operations, there aren’t established workflows, so we worked to bridge these pieces for clients with a one-stop solution that could be trusted. Our team chose to integrate AJA Corvid 44 and 88 I/O cards into each system to ensure the utmost reliability for clients.”

Partnering with Zero Density, Cineom has built a range of custom solutions for real-time 3D compositing, keying, tracking, and delivering final pixels for projects based out of India and the Middle East. Depending upon production needs, each system includes an AJA Corvid 44 or 88 video I/O card – a decision that Cineom made after surveying customers on their gear preferences. 

“In talking to our customers about I/O technology, AJA Corvid cards quickly emerged as a favorite. They make it easy to handle the number of simultaneous I/O feeds that our customers’ projects demand, with high quality and minimal latency, which are vital to any virtual production. Most solutions use Corvid 44s, but for projects that require multiple simultaneous inputs and outputs at up to 4K resolution Corvid 88 is implemented,” explained  Parab. “Corvid is optimal for these solutions because all integrated components fit into one card that fits into a single PCI slot, allowing for more compact setups.” 

Implementing real-time virtual production workflows with I/O powered by AJA Corvid technology has helped Cineom clients more efficiently visualize shoot components prior to filming or during the chroma shoot. The setups also reduce or eliminate the need for location shoots altogether, as production sets can be digitally transformed to the desired aesthetic with convincing photorealism. To date, Cineom has created custom real-time virtual production systems for Camera Obscura, Star Sports, Retrophiles Film, and Liminal.