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TC Live Bets Big on HELO to Deliver Real Time Casino Lottery Streams

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TC Live Bets Big on HELO to Deliver Real Time Casino Lottery Streams
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TC Live Bets Big on HELO to Deliver Real Time Casino Lottery Streams
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Taiwanese production company TC Live established the country’s first lottery live stream platform and continues to stream coverage to casino audiences around the world. Looking to improve the quality of lotto footage it delivers for a casino based in the Philippines, the company recently introduced sixteen AJA HELO H.264 streaming and recording devices into its Taiwan-based studio where the lotto machines are housed. 

TC Live employs a total of 16 HELOs, with four HELOS running concurrently for 24 hours a day for 3 days at a time, which are then rotated out for the next 3 days with the next set of four, ensuring continual 24/7 uptime. Three of the four units at any given time receive signals from cameras connected to three lotto machine feeds and the fourth receives a separate camera feed featuring a host reporting the numbers. Each stream combines the feeds into one window, offering multiple views of the lottery machine action. TC Live initially chose HELO to be able to adjust the bitrate for different video resolutions when streaming to other countries, and to also improve the quality of each live stream. 

HELO has also helped TC Live minimize latency and ensure a stable signal – delivering high quality video with little to no delay, even when bandwidth is limited. With its previous solution, TC Live experienced a 15-second delay and had to worry about loss of signal which resulted in time wasted resetting gear and a subpar user experience. HELO has now enabled a close to real time experience, which the casino’s customers love.