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Sedgefield’s centrally-based control room facility receives images from over 120 public space CCTV cameras located throughout the borough. Considering the system’s requirement for increased monitoring capability, they set about finding a solution that would allow staff a more comfortable and flexible operating environment; one that would afford a comprehensive overview of the entire system, whilst assisting an increase in operational efficiency through ergonomic design.

Based on Winsted’s Prestige Range, Sedgefield’s bespoke console is formed to match the room’s unique curvature, and is presented in a ‘reflection minimizing’ dark color with a corresponding laminate surface. Andrew Aitken, Business Manager at Sedgefield Borough Council explains: “The non-reflective properties of the Winsted console are invaluable to us, as the entire width of the control room features wall-to-wall windows, the light from which presented our previous furniture with prominent reflection issues.”

Andrew Aitken continues: “Operator comfort is a primary concern for Sedgefield Borough Council and the Winsted supplied desk and Ergonomic Chairs were recommended by our own council Occupational Health Therapist as providing the best solution, delivering an effective ergonomic environment for our operators. Our team now enjoy a clear, unrestricted view of all system cameras displayed on large format flat screen monitors affixed to the console. The new console’s design and configuration not only allows our staff to operate in more comfort throughout their shifts, but also enhances overall efficiency in the control room.

“One of the biggest factors in our decision to use Winsted products was the modular property of the bespoke console. This was illustrated with a recent expansion to the desk, seamlessly integrated into the original design, it allowed us to add three additional spot monitors. Our next expansion will include an increase in operator numbers from our existing five, to seven. This will comprise another trouble-free expansion to the Winsted console, plus additional seating.”

Andrew concludes: “The technical control room furniture represented a significant slice of the overall investment for the control room upgrade and we wanted to get it right; with a product that would provide a bespoke and long-term solution to our unique requirements. Thanks to its quality and modular nature, Winsted have provided a technical control furniture solution that will serve our needs for many years to come.