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Universal Studios Theme Park

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Universal Studios Theme Park
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Universal Studios Theme Park
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We recently received a call from Ed Sullivan from AV/SPLl concerning a Vibration Problem he encounted while working on a new Ride at Universal Studios Theme Park in Hollywood, Calfornia.

The Problem was on the new Attaction called “Transformers” that involved vibration being felt throughout the Building by 15 cars hurtling along a long length of track constructed on two floors.

This effected the picture quality of two Digital Projection M-Vision 260 Series mounted on a catwalk at the Pre-show end of the Ride’sEntrance. Being installed close to the Track, as the ride’s vehicles passed by, they generated considerable vibration, degrading the picture quality on the Information Display Screens used for Informing the Riders of the experience they were going to experience.

As our Isolation Mounts are designed for Hanging Applications, it was necessary to find a different solution other than tthose designed for Pole Mounted Devices.

The solution was based on the knowledge we have gained with our Vibration Absorbing Gromments, incoporating them in a unique Custom configuration. After some adjustmentments, we were able to came up with a solution that has cured the problem to the satisfaction of the Personell involved at Universal Studios Theme Park..