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Control Screens in Minutes – Not Days.  SymVue is a network-based runtime application for Windows PCs, touchscreen enabled PC’s, and tablets. SymVue displays Control Screens authored in, and exported from, Symetrix Composer which are used to control Radius, Edge, Prism, and Solus NX DSPs. Comprehensive graphical user interfaces can be designed and tested in a very short amount of time without any code writing.

Simplify and Consolidate.  SymVue is particularly useful for facilities managers as a means to consolidate commonly adjusted parameters from many units and modules into a set of easily accessible and familiar screens. SymVue can connect to any number of Symetrix DSPs and includes password protection to govern access. Security controls access to multiple screens at the user or administrator level. Multiple instances of SymVue can be deployed across a control network and parameter changes are always in sync between Composer, ARC Wall Panels, ARC-WEB, 3rd party controllers, and SymVue.

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