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Audio Visual Distributors

AV Distributors provide valuable services to the AV market place. Their primary role is to provide audio visual equipment and support to the dealer channel on behalf of the AV manufacturers they represent. In most cases distributors provide all the services and support elements that are available directly from the manufacturers including inventory to accommodate immediate needs, warranty processing, service support, project and design assistance as well as demonstration equipment, sales training and sales assistance but are staffed to provide it at a higher, local level due to the economy of scale that comes from representing multiple manufacturers and lines.

Often AV distributors represent manufacturers that supply equipment that have a common application or technology theme which enables them to be very helpful to resellers in that they can design and provide a complete solution or subset for a project. There are some that will stage the project components as well resulting in a single, complete project delivery solution with a single invoicing event that can be very helpful and important in conserving cash flow. Ordering audio visual equipment for a single project from many sources frequently results in products arriving for installation or fabrication at various times scattered throughout the project timeline and that can mean delays that have the high potential of resulting in costs that cannot be projected. Often those delays can have a dramatic impact on the profitability of any project. Many distributors have evolved their business to provide very valuable and important business partners to the resellers.